Wyatt Academy will stay open following tense vote by board

DENVER (KDVR) — Wyatt Academy, a charter school within Denver Public Schools, will remain open following a vote by the Wyatt Academy School Board early Tuesday morning.

“He had already been enrolled into another school, but now we’re going to go undo that,” Markelle, a dad of a student at the school, said following the vote. “We’re staying at Wyatt!”

The vote came after an hour and a half discussion with five board members voting in favor of closing the doors at Wyatt and four board members voting to keep the doors open.

For the resolution to have passed, there needed to be a 60% majority vote to close the school and the votes in favor of closing only reached 55%.

“School is staying open, we were singing that in the car,” Markelle said. “Ya, I’m happy.”

The meeting was hosted via Zoom and gave board members in favor of keeping the school open a moment to pitch ideas to increase enrollment and manage the budget so the school can function comparable to other schools in the district.

Many of the pros pitched had other board members chiming in with cons and addressing how the plans would work.

One board member suggested welcoming migrant kids into the school while working alongside ViVe Wellness to help acclimate the students and ultimately increase enrollment. The same board member also said they are looking for a grant or large donor to help with funding.

Board members who were in favor of closing the school said starting salaries for teachers at Wyatt are 17% lower compared to other teachers within the DPS district.

Originally, many parents, faculty and students thought the vote would lead to the school closing, and there was a rally set to happen Tuesday afternoon.

FOX31 was informed by Auon’tai Anderson with the Center for Advancing Black Excellence in Education that following the vote to keep the school open, there will be a press conference Tuesday outside the school at 3:30 p.m.

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