Wu to end Boston snow emergency as storm veers south

The snow emergency and parking ban in Boston will end at 4 p.m., Mayor Michelle Wu announced Tuesday morning.

“I’m grateful for City teams who monitored the storm overnight and have been prepared to clear our roadways and respond to any emergencies,” Wu said in a release just after 9 a.m.

The end of the snow emergency means residents must remove their cars from discounted lots and garages by 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Following the “sudden and drastic changes to the forecast,” city officials decided not to tow any cars parked on streets violating the ban Monday night and will not tow or ticket cars parked on snow emergency routes through 4 p.m. The snow emergency went into effect at 10 p.m. Monday.

The predicted snow storm shifted south overnight, and the Boston area is expected to see closer to 3 to 5 inches of snow accumulation, according to the National Weather Service. The winter weather advisory and coastal flood warning remain in effect for the region through Tuesday evening.

The city release stated the decision to leave the emergency in place until 4 p.m. was made to allow residents time to retrieve their cars from the discounted lots.

BPS schools and municipal buildings will reopen on Wednesday, the city announced. All municipal buildings, including City Hall, BCYF community centers and Boston Public Library branches, remain closed through Tuesday.

Space savers to mark a parking spot can be used up to 48 hours after the end of a snow emergency in any neighborhood except the South End and Bay Village. After 4 p.m. on Thursday, remaining space savers may be thrown out by the Public Works Department.

Property owners are required to clear sidewalks and ramps along their property within three hours after snow fall ends or three hours after sunrise if snow fall ends overnight.

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