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Let’s face it Valentine’s Day is all about love and women being showered with it. Even if you have to do it yourself! Case-in-point, a Gyalentine’s boudoir-themed party specifically, pronounced “Gyal,” not “Gal” by the way. So put on those mesh tights and let your inner goddess roar!

Bad “gyal” Rihanna might’ve coined the term. But these two island beauties are the ones loving all the queens.

One photo at a time.

Photographer, Jade Lilly, and florist, Sukii Qi are teaming up to give So-Flo, “gyalentines”. This women-only event is best described as:

Jade Lilly: “orgasmic. Is that bad to say on TV? Awesome sauce. It’s like the best orgasm in the whole wide world and it’s nothing sexual. You get to be around your sisters getting this love. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be around that?”

Sukii Qi: “It’s gyalentine’s, celebrating, empowering sisterhood. Elevating the collective vibration. Really leaning on our sisters and being there for each other. Celebrating self-love.

It’s a girl’s night out and a photoshoot party combined into one.

Sukii Qi: “Created a really dope set in the front to get your portraits taken which ended up being our gyalentine’s magazine cover shot so everyone there got a really dope portrait.”

The happenings will be inside Nuovo Artistic Studios in Miami and the theme is, “boudoir”.

Jade Lilly: “Boudoir meaning however you feel sexy. Whether that’s coming in lingerie, coming in a mesh outfit, coming in satin dress.”

At this self-love shindig, there’ll be an open bar, bites, different themed backdrops for photos, and even a pole and $85 will give you access to all of it.

Sukii qi: “Valentine’s is such a time where it’s like ‘Oh, I need a man,’ or ‘who’s going to take me out’ or ‘what are you going to buy me.’ no girl, buy that ticket for yourself.”

Yes, because you’re the gift after all.

Jade Lilly: “This year what’s different, third year’s a charm. We have our fine art happening. You’re still going to have photoshoots but if you want to have a private photoshoot with the Nuovo experience, that’s the VIP.”

Be yourself and bear it all for this VIP add-on.

Cezara Psaniuz: “Let me tell you the pictures are amazing. I love them. They already look amazing without any editing.”

This year’s Gyalentine’s will also have massages, glitter glam stations, and musical performers.

Gyalentine’s 2024

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