Keeler vs. McFadden: Do you believe Broncos coach Sean Payton when he says he and Russell Wilson have “a great relationship?”

Sean Keeler: I’m starting to think Super Bowl Week has been reprogrammed to torture Broncos Country. The game itself lures the Front Range into thinking somebody’s finally figured out a way to break Patrick Mahomes’ magic Harry Potter wand, only to watch as No. 15 goes all Expelliarmus while eluding pressure and then finishes the two-minute drill with an almighty Avada Kedavra in the end zone. John Elway hands the Chiefs the Lombardi Trophy, and a lovely evening that began with nachos and chicken wings ends with two aspirin and a Pepto-Bismol chaser. But the days leading up to it are getting a little more bonkers, too. They let Broncos coach Sean Payton loose on Radio Row, which is good for clicks but bad for your sanity. Especially when he’s gotta answer questions about Russell Wilson. I mean, he told Adam Schein on Mad Dog Radio that he and Wilson “have a great relationship.” He told his pal Rich Eisen the same thing. I say Sunshine Sean and Big Russ have a great relationship the way Homer and Bart Simpson have a great relationship, and the dude was yanking every chain from here to Caesar’s Palace. What say you?

Ryan McFadden: Just from what we saw throughout the season, it never felt like they were on the same page. That was clear when Wilson stood in front of the media to say the team wanted to bench him for financial reasons and his representatives approached the NFLPA because of it. Payton saying on Radio Row that he and Wilson have a great relationship was to keep him from looking like a villain. Sure, benching Wilson is the nature of the business. And whether you agree with Payton’s decision or not, he’s the coach and has the right to make that call. But how do you say the relationship is great even after that? Benching a nine-time Pro Bowler after he showed improvement over the previous season and helped the Broncos get in the playoff discussion feels like something you can’t come back from.

Keeler: That Eisen interview, in particular, was something else. A brain-melter. Payton: “That (QB) discussion has to include Russ. … He wants to be back. And so, that means something. But we’ll see.” Would you buy a used car from this man? It means nothing. Nada. Zip. And the only part of that sound bite worth a patootie was, “We’ll see.” Like when he told Schein he couldn’t “tell you the jersey number of those rookie quarterbacks.” Oh, Sean. You cad. Dude blew his shot at Coach of the Year honors. But here’s an Oscar for your trouble.

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