Mountain lion caught on video attacking pet dog in backyard of CA home

LA VERNE, Calif. — A 3-year-old pet dog survived a vicious attacked by a mountain lion in the backyard of a home in La Verne, California over the weekend.

The homeowner’s Ring camera captured the moment the mountain lion pounced on the family’s beloved pet.

The frightening attack happened around 9 p.m. Saturday when Holly Jolly, a Giant Schnauzer, typically goes out before settling for the night.

Holly Jolly’s owner Nicole explained her dog was sniffing around before the 93-pound pup was pinned down by the cougar’s mouth.

As the attack was unfolding the family heard Holly Jolly’s cries.

Nicole’s husband then came out. His shouts appeared to startle the mountain lion, giving the dog the opportunity to run away and escape.

“She did have surgery. She had a lot of puncture wounds, many stitches,” Nicole told Eyewitness News. “They said there was just a lot.”

Nicole said after the terrifying encounter, their camera picked up the big cat returning 20 minutes later. The video shows the cougar sniffing the dog’s collar left behind in the tussle.

Holly Jolly is now on the road to recovery.

The couple posted the video to alert their neighbors.

“We’re careful, but I think we were always concerned about coyotes and other animals, but a mountain lion is a new beast for us, literally,” Leslie Simone said.

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