Piglets save themselves from slaughter with daring leap from truck

Two piglets have captured hearts after making a daring leap for freedom off a transport truck, avoiding certain death.

Today, Dani and Sunshine the pigs, once destined for slaughter, are living their best life at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary in Potomac, Maryland. The story began in April 2023, when three young pigs born into the commercial agriculture system were being transported in North Carolina. Incredibly, they managed to get free, making a bid for freedom on the highway.

Piglets Dani and Sunshine at the shelter in Maryland. They saved their own lives by making an escape from a slaughter truck and are now living their best lives.

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary – @rosiesfs/TikTok

Staff from Sisu Refuge in North Carolina discovered two pigs on the side of the road and immediately took them in.

At just 1 week old, the animals had already endured a tragic start to life: “They were a week old. In their first week of life, these girls had their tails cut off, were removed from their mothers, were thrown onto a crammed transport truck and shipped off to be fattened and slaughtered,” Carrie Frey from Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary told Newsweek.

Tragically, Mindy, one of the piglets, succumbed to severe injuries sustained during the escape attempt. “Mindy’s passing serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers faced by these vulnerable animals,” Frey said.

As the team at the North Carolina refuge continued to provide care for Dani, they also continued their search of the area. This led to the discovery of Sunshine, another piglet who had made the brave jump from the transport truck.

“The bond between Dani and Sunshine was immediate,” Frey said. “Despite their harrowing ordeal, they showed remarkable resilience and determination to survive.”

The pair were soon welcomed into the loving arms of helpers at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary in Maryland. Located in the suburbs of Washington D.C., the center’s mission is to be a voice for animals, rescuing and rehabilitating those in need.

Rescue pigs
From left: Dani and Sunshine share a fruit platter; and get belly scratches. A sanctuary worker told Newsweek that a third piglet died after escaping the slaughter truck.

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary – @rosiesfs/TikTok

From the brave pigs to many other herds and flocks, the sanctuary’s passion for animal care is clear.

“We are thrilled that Dani and Sunshine can help shine a light on the cruelty that these incredible animals endure, and we will continue to work towards a more compassionate and sustainable world,” said Frey.

The United States Department of Agriculture says that 9.76 billion land animals were slaughtered for food in the U.S. in 2020, but, thanks to their own bravery, Dani and Sunshine thrive.

Now affectionate and playful animals, they are known for their love of treats, cuddles and belly scratches. As the pigs grow, the team at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary hopes they will continue to serve as ambassadors for compassion and animal welfare.