Study: These Colorado cities have some of the best-rated pizzerias in the US

DENVER (KDVR) — Friday is National Pizza Day, and lucky for Coloradans, the Centennial State has some of the best cities in the U.S. when it comes to finding a good pizzeria, according to a recent study.

Pizzello, a company that sells home pizza ovens, analyzed Google Reviews scores across the 500 most populous cities and towns in the U.S. to find out where people can order the best pizzas.

One Colorado city was in the top 10, and six others were ranked in the top 250 cities for pizza in America.

Naturally, New York topped the charts. That’s where the first pizzeria in America began in 1905, according to the study.

Which Colorado cities have the best pizza?

The love for pizza has since captivated the nation, and several places in the West made it into the top 10, including two cities in California, two in Arizona, one in New Mexico and one in Colorado: Denver.

Denver is ranked in this study as the No. 10 best city in the U.S. for those looking to find a good pizzeria, with an average Google Review score of 4.54.

“Denver’s high-altitude pizzerias are elevating the pizza game, offering everything from traditional pizzas to innovative creations that are as adventurous as the city’s inhabitants,” the study reads.

The average Google Review scores were neck and neck throughout the list, with multiple ties.

Other Colorado cities among the best include:

  • No. 61: Loveland (4.50)
  • No. 87: Fort Collins (4.48)
  • No. 98: Thornton (4.46)
  • No. 193: Pueblo (4.44)
  • No. 200: Longmont (4.44)
  • No. 217: Boulder (4.44)
  • No. 227: Westminster (4.43)

If you are looking to celebrate National Pizza Day on Friday, it may be worth looking at options in these Colorado cities.

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