Watch: Missouri officers search for ‘home intruder,’ find squirrel instead



LIBERTY, Mo. (WDAF/WJW) — A home intruder turned out to be much smaller — and furrier — than Missouri police officers expected.

The officers were called to a possible home intrusion in Liberty, Missouri, on Jan. 27. Investigators said noises could be heard coming from inside of a residence.

In body camera footage released Monday, an officer can be seen with his gun drawn while another is standing behind a wall as they figure out who or what the noise could be. Moments later, a squirrel scurried by them, startling one of the officers.

“Oh, it’s right there, it’s a squirrel,” the officer said.

The officer then called off the backup that was on the way to the scene.

“They can disregard,” he said into his radio. “Disregard the help, we got a squirrel in the house.”

With the gun still drawn, he walked down the hallway toward an open door of the room where the squirrel was squatting. The squirrel ran toward the entrance, spooking the cop who let out a loud screech and shuffled his feet backward. The animal then scurried back into the room.

A sneaky squirrel spooked a police officer during an intrusion call in Liberty near the end of January. (Liberty, Missouri Police Department)

The officer closed the door, laughed and let out expletives, admitting that he just got scared.

The police put a wanted sign with a picture of “Rocky the Squirrel” at the end of the video, adding, “approach with extreme caution,” at the bottom.

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