IBM and UAlbany partner for a World’s first in AI technology

The university at Albany is partnering up with IBM to be the first in the world to get a special prototype system that will optimize AI capabilities. NEWS10 has the latest on what the new partnership will mean for capital region businesses and students.

The IBM Artificial Intelligence Unit (AIU) is a prototype, system-on-a-chip design. It may not look like much and it’s no bigger than the average cell phone but, it could be the biggest technological advance since the internet. And it’s coming right here to the Capital Region. Today NEWS10 Reporter James De La Fuente was given access to a secure location where the new tech is going be housed.

“We will be the first organization in the world to actually get this very new cutting-edge computer especially designed for AI,” said Vice President of Research And Economic Development, Thenkurussi “Kesh” Kesavadas. He says the technology is not only smaller, “it has a new chip that is not available commercially. It’s a prototype chip it has some features making more energy efficient and things like that so it’s exciting new technology.”

The university says it will enable students, faculty, and others to run foundation models and advance AI research. “Those kinds of AI problems or large computing where we can learn from the knowledge of the patient history and things like that. So, we can predict treatments or provide care as needed as another example of the kind of problems the new computer can help solve and actually innovate in those kinds of spaces.”

Mukesh Khare, Vice President, Hybrid Cloud at IBM Research says, “Critical to the continued development of these technologies is a skilled workforce.”

“Getting people trained for that in the Capital Region is going to give businesses here a leg up to be at the forefront of what is really probably the biggest technological evolution since the internet,” said Adam Wills the Founder of The AI Web Agency, here in the Capital Region.

He says the partnership is vital to the growing field of AI technology right here at home. “It applies into every business that’s out there and having access to talent right now is crucial and it just doesn’t exist, today,” said Wills.

The university hopes to have the new system installed and in place, ready to use by summer classes of this year.

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