49ers superfan has super memorabilia collection

(KRON) — 49ers fans are known as “The Faithful,” but there’s one San Francisco man who has taken that title to heart. Martin Jacobs went to his first 49ers game in 1952.  He hasn’t just been a fan of the team, but also an employee working several jobs for a chance of seeing his favorite players up close and personal.

“The 49ers have been my life,” Jacobs said.

In San Francisco’s Sunset neighborhood, you’ll find one of the most unique collections of 49ers memorabilia. Collected by Martin Jacobs, who started working for the football team when he was just nine years old, picking up cushions from the stands of the Old Kezar stadium after each game. He also worked as a gateman’s assistant and then a food vendor as a teenager.

“Selling Ice Cream, I’d say yummy, yummy, good for your tummy.,” Jacobs said.

His love for the team didn’t stop into adulthood, opening up five stores called the Sports Stop. After the stores, Jacobs spent his retirement writing nine books on his favorite team, including one on Kezar.

The 49ers may have become his livelihood, but he’s never lost sight of what made him a fan in the first place.

“And you go to the game and they win in the last minute or a come from behind it just makes my day, it’s a high like you can’t imagine,” Jacobs said.

He even has a “Number One Fan” plaque to prove his devotion, awarded to him by a national contest put on by Visa in 2000.

At 80 years old, Jacobs has been to more than 1,200 games, collecting autographs from the players, and meeting his fair share of celebrities. And he even has a pretty good sense of humor about how he’s put the NFL team ahead of others on many occasions.

“I’ve been divorced twice, and one wife said you love Joe Montana more than her,” Jacobs said.

It’s safe to say that few fans are looking forward to Sunday’s Superbowl match more than this fan. What’s his secret to staying faithful to the red and gold for 71 years?

“I would say 99 percent of the fans today just look at it as entertainment,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs has no doubt of course that the 49ers will come away with a win Sunday. Giving a lot of credit to the momentum gained in the team’s comeback win against Detroit.

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