San Francisco is second-most pizza-obsessed city in US, study says

(KRON) — When most people think about famously known pizza, Chicago and New York are the cities most think of. However, a new study conducted by frozen pizza brand Chicago’s Home Run Inn says Chicago and New York City aren’t even in the top five for the most pizza-obsessed cities in America. 

Surprisingly, four out of the five most pizza-obsessed cities are on the West Coast. 

Chicago’s Home Run Inn study

This study cites Seattle as the most pizza-obsessed city. Despite the city being the coffee capital of the world, 46.2 percent of Seattle’s pizza joints earn above four stars on Yelp, according to the study. The study also says Emerald City ranks high on pizza engagement and appreciation, with 46,562 pizza-related Google searches per 100,000 residents. 

The City by the Bay comes in second place for the most pizza-obsessed city. According to the study, San Francisco has over 17,000 Yelp pizza reviews per 100,000 residents. The city’s overall pizza joint Yelp score is 3.66 out of 5. 

Most Pizza-obsessed Cities, according to study:

  1. Seattle 
  2. San Francisco 
  3. Portland
  4. Minneapolis 
  5. San Diego 
  6. Chicago 
  7. Miami
  8. Denver 
  9. Washington D.C. 
  10. New York 
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Atlanta 
  13. Boston 
  14. Austin
  15. Long Beach 
  16. Los Angeles 
  17. Oakland 
  18. San Jose 
  19. Sacramento 
  20. Columbus

Three Bay Area cities made the top 20 list: San Francisco (2), Oakland (17), and San Jose (18). 

California had the most cities in the top 20 with seven pizza-obsessed cities: SF (2), San Diego (5), Long Beach (15), Los Angeles (16), Oakland (17), San Jose (18) and Sacramento (19). 

New York and Chicago did have the highest average-rated pizza restaurants. Chicago has a Yelp rating of 3.67 out of 5. Chicago and San Francisco have a 3.66 rating. 

Atlanta, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Denver, and Baltimore have the most interest in pizza with the most Google searches, based on the study.

Study methodology

To conduct the study, Chicago’s Home Run analyzed multiple variables of pizza cravings, pizza rating, and pizza ravings:

  • Total pizza restaurant Yelp reviews
  • Share of highly rated pizza restaurants on Yelp
  • Average pizza restaurant Yelp rating
  • Number of pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents 
  • Google searches related to pizza keywords per 100,000 residents 

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