Reports of 50 Al-Qaeda arrests at Denver International Airport are false, DPD says

DENVER (KDVR) — Following a viral video that has been seen over a million times on X, the Denver Police Department is shutting down a rumor about arrests of Al-Qaeda members in the city.

An X account that describes itself as a conspiracy theorist posted a video on Sunday of a man claiming he spoke to a Denver police officer who said the department has arrested 50 Al-Qaeda members in the past two months.

“So, I just had a conversation with a Denver police officer at the airport, and we were talking about the crime that’s going on, not only in Denver, but our country. He says, the media will not tell you this, I’m not even supposed to talk about this, but I don’t care anymore. We’ve arrested, the Denver police in Denver has arrested over 50 Al-Qaeda members in the last two months,” said the man in the video.

However, the man does not release the name of the officer he talked to or proof of the conversation.

Since the video has been seen over 1.4 million times since Sunday, the Denver Police Department has chimed in to debunk the rumor.

“The claim that Denver Police have arrested more than 50 Al-Queda members in the last two months is false,” said the department directly in a tweet.

In the thread, the department said two federal cases involving arrests at the airport in 2023 were publicized by the U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Colorado.

One of the arrests was 18-year-old Humzah Mashkoor of Westminster. The second was 18-year-old Davin Daniel Meyer of Castle Rock.

Many users tweeted back asking the department if there were more than those two public arrests, and the department reverted all questions back to the original tweet.

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