Coloradans bet a record amount of money in December

DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado Department of Revenue released its December 2023 report on sports betting figures – and Coloradans spared no expense for pro football.

Every sports bet made in December tallied to hundreds of millions of dollars, with almost $200 million coming from pro football wagers.

The 2023 December figures amount to the highest month so far for both handle and taxes since the launch of sports betting in May 2020, according to the department.

In total, Coloradans wagered billions in 2023.

Coloradans’ bets totaled hundreds of millions

The Colorado Division of Gaming released the following record-breaking numbers from December 2023.

Total handle: December 2023 $716,430,270.22 (17.74% increase from November 2023) Represents a 38.28% increase from the total handle for December 2022 ($518,088,768.08)
Total handle: November 2023 $608,488,266.48
Total taxes: December 2023 $3,682,334.79 (147.27% increase from November 2023) This represents a 42.52% increase from December 2022 ($2,583,711.40)
Total taxes: November 2023 $1,489,224.47
Fiscal year wagers to date, including December 2023 $2,979,747,412.97 This represents a 14.78% increase from the FYTD Wagers from December 2022 ($2,596,066,931.83)
Fiscal year taxes to date, including December 2023 $15,223,631.36 This represents a 13.61% increase from the FYTD Taxes from December 2022 ($13,399,745.94)
Courtesy of Colorado Department of Revenue

While the wagers for December and the entire year as a whole show a significant increase, the most shocking number comes from how much money was wagered on football.

Coloradans bet this much on football

In the previous year, football wasn’t the fan favorite in Colorado. In December 2022, the top sport to bet on was basketball with almost $150 million wagered for the month.

While football was the top sport to bet on in 2021 in December, the wagers only totaled around $130 million.

Now, football is back on top with an increasing amount of money wagered from previous years.

Although it’s unclear if the bets were placed because of the Broncos’ last-minute push for the playoffs or on another team.

Colorado sports betting proceeds December 2023. (Courtesy of CDOR)

In December 2023 alone, Coloradans bet almost $200 million on pro football.

If you’re betting on the color of the Gatorade for the Super Bowl or heads or tails on the coin toss, you’re not the only one in the state putting money down.

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