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Let’s be honest: sometimes we all probably feel a little bit like a zombie. Tired, groggy, barely keeping it together … especially without caffeine.

The new horror comedy “Lisa Frankenstein” is bringing the monster energy. We’re digging up the deets on this coming-of-rage story with Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse.

Kathryn Newton (as Lisa): “There’s a young man. I tend his grave. I talk to him. (to the grave) I wish I was with you.”

Be careful what you wish for.

Cole Sprouse (as The Creature): “Ooooo, ahhh!”

Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse are having one killer romance in “Lisa Frankenstein.”

Kathryn Newton (as Lisa): “I can’t do that. Not until we bury the body.”

She’s a misunderstood teen goth girl, and he’s the Victorian-era corpse she accidentally brings back to life.

Kathryn Newton (as Lisa): “We got each other’s back, that’s for sure.”

Having that kind of dynamic is definitely a good thing when it comes to this movie, because Cole doesn’t talk for most of their scenes together.

Kathryn Newton: “Cole Sprouse speaks incessantly. He actually doesn’t stop.”

Cole Sprouse: “Yeah, yeah.”

Kathryn Newton: “It was so nice filming this.”

Cole Sprouse: “You should hear my voicemail. It’s horrible.”

Kathryn Newton: “Because he doesn’t stop talking in real life.”

Cole Sprouse: “Yeah, it’s true. That’s what we were really excited about for this.”

Kathryn Newton: “Was that he stops speaking.”

Cole Sprouse: “You guys were almost like, ‘Finally, he’ll shut up.’”

Sparks may be flying between their characters in the movie…

Kathryn Newton (as Lisa): “I wanna help you, but Taffy says it’s a waste of time to try and fix a boy. It’s better to just accept a guy’s flaws.”

…but Kathryn and Cole have been buds for years, meaning they can joke around while discovering new things about each other.

Kathryn Newton: “I learned that Cole Sprouse says he won’t – he’s not hungry, but then he’ll eat your food, 100%. So, if you’re gonna hang out with Cole…”

Cole Sprouse: “I learned that Kathryn Newton always brings extra food just for me. She’s planned it. It’s like a mouse trap.”

Jenna Davis (as Lori): “Lisa looks good.”

Liza Soberano (as Taffy): “She could probably even do pageants if she had congeniality.”

Lisa Frankenstein is set in the ’80s, meaning the fashion is big and bold. That’s why we wanted to know what kind of styles make these two feel empowered when they rock them.

Kathryn Newton: “I wore sweatpants, but I had these giant pink platform Versace heels and my little pink Chanel classic. It’s ’cause I’m from Miami. It’s just, like, the more extra I am, the more confident I feel.”

She totally gets me.

Cole Sprouse: “I have these kind of zip-off cargo pants, and they make me feel fast.”

Kathryn Newton: “Do you mean the ones that zip on the knee?”

Cole Sprouse: “Yeah, and they can turn into shorts.”

Kathryn Newton: “My dad wears those. Like, he doesn’t change. You should…”

Cole Sprouse: “Yeah, but if it’s cold, like, in the beginning of the day or at night, you got the pants. But in the middle of the day, when it’s hot, you’ve got the shorts.”

Kathryn Newton: “You can cool off.”

Cole Sprouse: “You can cool off a bit.”

Sylvia Grace Krim (as Officer Waters): “I really hope this goth phase ends soon.”

“Lisa Frankenstein” opens in theaters Feb. 9.

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