Ask Amy: Single woman has radar for dating jerks

Dear Amy: I’m a 50-year-old woman, and I haven’t had a serious relationship in about a decade.

My first two partners (when I was in my 20s and early 30s) were controlling and emotionally abusive.

I know I overlooked a lot of obvious red flags back then (and made excuses for these people).

So, now, if there’s the slightest sign of jerkiness early on — if he teases me (a “just kidding” insult), corrects me (especially if he’s wrong), is rude to me or others or bad mouths his exes — I usually won’t see the guy again.

I also balk when guys come on too strong in the beginning.

And that means I rarely go past the second or third date.

Am I being too careful?

I’m worried I’ve become too thin-skinned.

— Worried and Alone

Dear Worried: Every characteristic you mention: “Just kidding” insults, corrections, rudeness, badmouthing, coming on too strong — is a justified dealbreaker, at least from where I sit.

You might work on your reaction to being “corrected,” but being mansplained or corrected by someone who is not only wrong but rude about it is another matter.

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